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Pathetic it is, this a human condition. For we find meaning and depth in the smallest of all things. And so we party, dance out in the snow at midnight and have our full fill of merry and cheer; we dine and groove ’till the wee hours(with gay laughter as our cheerful and faithful chaperone). But where does the breaking of dawn find us?

It finds us and takes us all back….Back to our sorry frame where the world is tumbling; back to our anxieties, depression and nightmares….; back to the foundation, the roots, where our lives are being threatened by dry rot and malignant pests; to the remnants of our stormed hearts…..; back to our empty pockets and accrued bills– to the state of solitude and unhappy life..; back to reality-back to us …back ,back ,back…

…And we continue wallowing about, lost like a penguin in the desert. And yet our hope we don’t give up. For we wait patiently for the next glass, the next meal and the next winter solstice. We live on, ignoring the important things around us–ignoring the lunar cycles and pale Hecate’s feasts–overlooking the fact that our hairline is receding with each passing cycle. That’s alright, for we all want to stay “forever young”. But again reality sets in with the breaking dawn because the next snowfall finds us….

……with a beard and a bald spot on our heard. It finds us with fresh new worries to such an extent that dancing out, skipping around, merrying and cheering will no longer be an option. But we still hold on to the delicate memories of previous winters. We hold on to them like a fragile crystalline dandelion and look at those photos with such a sparkle in the eye. We look back through time; back to the bloom and peak of youth where time was just another losing fool incapable of catching up on us…

…but it does finally catch up. And when it does, it makes us all pay the piper. We regret the time we wasted, the love we lost and the words we never said. We regret ever letting go of everything, our loved ones and our youthful vigour. For at that time you’ll be trapped. Trapped in such a way that you’ll need a stick to help you dance–forever revolving around it for the rest of your painful years, tied upon it by a leash like a watchdog…trapped in the way that every move you make is no longer a reflex but has to be reported and processed slowly by our stormed operating system which might just crash and leave behind only useless hardware…trapped such that your map and radar will only be confined to the bed, the kitchen and the toilet…trapped, trapped and trapped again in that head of yours in such a way that every thought will give up on you and sublime long before it makes sense;….No love, no mercy nor sentiments; just a gray world revolving around a white stick and dark spectacles–an eternal solar eclipse….

But for now I am a typical boy, a typical youth so naïve that I overlook it all. Why bother? Summer is finally here and girls are in their hot bikinis. Why worry about tomorrow? Why worry about school? Time will always have its way either way: it will always catch up on us no matter what we do. So turn up your swag everyone and grab a beer, soda, cherry or even a glass of water for crying out loud ‘coz the “heat” is on….HAPPY SUMMERTIME FIGHT EVERYONE!!!

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