The Lion Sleep’s Tonight

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

philipchicco's Blog

“Are you a man of faith Mr Cephas?” the priest asked him with an honest face. Cephas looked at him with a painful expression. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone today, let alone a priest.graveyard

“Normally I’d have replied “Yes” without a pause. Those were the old days when life was simpler. But now…” he paused and looked around at the deserted graveyard. A homeless man was preparing his place in the bushes to crash out for the night, a few ravens were drinking by the pond and the red sun was now tangent to the horizon—it was a depressing scene from a dystopian set. He continued talking as he stared at the birds by the pond, wondering what it was like to be free like them (are they birds of faith? He wondered)

“Now I don’t know anymore. I don’t even know if ever I was such…

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