Wanderlust…The Freedom Of A Rolling Stone

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized


It’s a hard world, it breaks even the best of us—in all the six ways to Sunday. Freedom is now a relic from the past, an anachronism from ancient civilisations when mankind wasn’t locked up in a virtual panopticon of latest technology and subtle surveillance techniques. The hard times only make it worse. We trudge through each day mechanically like the old grand father’s clock on the musty walls of a dilapidated building: going round and round in 24-hour circles until the battery of willpower runs out. This is sour sad reality. But i know a place beyond the city walls, a niche out of time where the fleeting feel of freedom can be felt(if only for a few hours); a place where we can feel alive…..

And so you sit back, recline your seat and listen to sweet song of the engine as hums through miles of a foreign land. Be it the engine of floating Airbus as it glides through fluffy clouds against a blue sky, or the struggling engine of a fowl-smelling country bus as it passes through all the sleepy little towns filled with sunken-eyed children and worn out men. For a change you close your eyes and enjoy the fluid presence: you listen closely to the tales spun by the wind. It speaks of the wise mountains that stand witness to mankind’s folly, of roaring rivers laden with salty tears from the eyes of oppressed orphans and widows….yet that’s not all there is…

It speaks also of places where birds sing just for you, of raging waterfalls that can kiss you with their refreshingly sweet, cool vapour until you chase them to your heart’s content. There is a vast world out there to be explored, a world full of wonders and virtue, a world where strangers become friends: where beauty and freedom mingle in a buzzing field of wild lilies and dandelions.

You take it all in as you pass by: from the rolling ranches and blue skies to the arid wasteland against dark stormy skies. Feeling content, you discover how critical the moment is; for you are just suspended in time. The past is just a tragic memory and the future just a delirious dream. Whatever drama is going on out there, you are not part of it: you feel like an indifferent god, skipping scenes of a silent play. And for a change, you feel it in the air as you stop at a layby area to take a breather: you feel that you will turn out just fine. “Every little thing is going to be alright,”the three Little birds sing it just for you and the sweet caress of the breeze reassures you and reassert this verity.

There is nothing wrong with being a rolling stone because deep wisdom lies at the end of every path. If the world was fair and simple i’d simply join a travelling carnival or become a modern day gipsy. But in the end, nobody gets what they deserve so I tend to enjoy these few hours of travel. The sweet summer calls out to us, “Give in to the wanderlust, swim in streams and run through forests…enjoy life and taste the sweet freedom around campfires.”

“I have no strings so i have fun,” this Pinocchio rhyme becomes you mantra as you look forward to the next journey. But for the meantime, you rest; you are home but the wind of wisdom follows, and so does the reassuring breeze. This time it sings a different tune, the tune of rest. Every rolling stone must find a place to rest for a while before it withers and turn into sand. And so you rest for the night while the engine sighs the last verse of it’s old song, “Hush my darling…..the lion sleeps tonight…….”

©David Phiri 2015


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