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Regretful Soul

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Poetry

My soul sings a song,
Empty of words, deprived of melody.
It’s a dirge to my fallen flesh,
A miserable cry for my broken wings.

It sings of betrayal and misplaced trust,
A lonesome tune, from a scarred drum.
The drum that used to be beating heart
A heart once full of compassion and soft love.
Now just piece of dry leather,
Ravaged by rot and pierced by depression

I was skewered, I was weak
I ran with the wrong wolves, I chose the wrong pack.
They left me tethered to the hunter’s stake;
Left me to flames, bound and broken.
Alone and burning, i cry in desolation.
No second chances, i cry for absolution;
A quick release from the scotching chains.
I don’t cry for redemption, i’m far too gone.


©David Phiri 2016


Soon Forgotten

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Poetry

When the trumpets sound and the maidens dance
Will a song of me ever be sung?
Naive and vain, is my life even worth a verse?
No medals. I know I’ll be buried in dung.

In the end my name was written
Not on polished stone nor on cold steel
But upon the sandy shores of a tormented ocean
Where,prematurely, it was washed away
To the cold dark depths, long forgotten
Oh, how i wish I’d live forever!


©David 2015

The bitter price of wisdom

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Poetry

Wisdom comes at a bitter price,
The last gift before one’s tragic demise
Even a fool at the last moment knows his folly
In this life only the heartless know glory
They take, they fake without any compunction
Unstoppable forces, so intent on destruction.

But the best people are always cursed to dream
Never knowing things ain’t what they seem
They carry their hearts on their fringy sleeve
Prone to jump head head-first until they grieve
Listen and learn then what this life’s greatest truth is;
The innocent and the foolish all end up in anguish
Down the drains, we all know what wisdom means.

Birthday Blues

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Poetry


On the wrong side of 25, I celebrate a desolate birthday

One needle, a rooftop, looking down 5 stories

The urge burns, this insane desire jump

Oblivion promised, an end to all my misery
All in all a wonderful night, a night to lose it all

A black crow flies by, with a flutter of midnight wings

Dark feathers dripping Stygian waters

Golden eyes, as unforgiving as gilded ice

It sings for me, a voice like grating ice;
“Come fly with us, to the distant shores

Everybody gets a second chance, just let go

My master is most generous, just come along”

I let go of my fears, breathe in the damp January air.

I feel at peace, i can feel the wings of the dark wind

A cold caress of the whispered promise.

I need a rest, from this life forfeited.
I’ve run a long way, i’ve seen it all

Trying vainly to leave yesterday behind me

But it lingers on, like a stale smell of sweat

I carry the past under my unshaved armpits 
What do we become in the end

When all the masquerade is done?

Where do we go then, my dearest friend

When all the distance has been run?
It’s a tragedy to run out of distance before your life is done

Far much better to die when the blood is still young

I sit here, I wait. Tonight’s my last but tomorrow I promise I’m gone.

The pavement calls. A sweet song, please grant me sweet oblivion.


Unrequited again (Burning)

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Poetry

Strangers once, then lovers in words

We talked and laughed all from a distance

A language invented, a coded love

To breach the distance between midnight and dawn

Stolen kisses and shared drinks

In rest places where in her eyes i died

I fell in love with the woman and all she said

She fell in love with the man who the words painted 

But remained dispassionate to the artist behind the words

Despised me to my face but loved the things i said

To her i was a word-slinging Quasimodo, a prince in words only

She left me at that solitary junction

Where expectation outrides perception

Drenched, depressed and broken, i turned to self-loathing

I knew all along, oh how i knew deep inside

Icarus must never fly closer to the sun

a dun lamp was never meant to shine

Oh father Daedelus, i should have have listened

Now I’m crashing and burning, while angels laugh

It hurts, it hurts…..and it’s a long way down.  


Shall we be again?(My Bukowski moment)

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Poetry

  As we are now, shall we be again?” 

The kid asked with a solemn face

Alas, the innocence written there!

It wrenched my heart out.

So many mistakes, so many bad turns

I was like him before, I was once young

Now I’m a collage of bone, skin and regrets.

A tear fell to my eyes, some collector’s item.

What to say to this sweet young face?

I stared at him, this young fellow.

Should i tell the truth and break his heart,

Or should I leave him in his sweet cold bubble?

Just a few more years, i reasoned; just a few more

“Aye kid. You shall forever be. 

Young and carefree, on that you can trust me”
But his attention was no longer on me.

He was staring at the birds of the sea.

Such are the blessings of youth,

Worrisome affairs are soon forgotten.

The waters roared and the gulls sang.

Oh God, how i wish i were young again.

As i was before, will I be again?”

Nobody gives answer to my solemn question 

The future unfolds, and the past…forever frozen….