Shall we be again?(My Bukowski moment)

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Poetry

  As we are now, shall we be again?” 

The kid asked with a solemn face

Alas, the innocence written there!

It wrenched my heart out.

So many mistakes, so many bad turns

I was like him before, I was once young

Now I’m a collage of bone, skin and regrets.

A tear fell to my eyes, some collector’s item.

What to say to this sweet young face?

I stared at him, this young fellow.

Should i tell the truth and break his heart,

Or should I leave him in his sweet cold bubble?

Just a few more years, i reasoned; just a few more

“Aye kid. You shall forever be. 

Young and carefree, on that you can trust me”
But his attention was no longer on me.

He was staring at the birds of the sea.

Such are the blessings of youth,

Worrisome affairs are soon forgotten.

The waters roared and the gulls sang.

Oh God, how i wish i were young again.

As i was before, will I be again?”

Nobody gives answer to my solemn question 

The future unfolds, and the past…forever frozen….


  1. no we shall not.
    But we shall only progress forward…and hopefully. …for the best that we can be. childhood memories will forever linger

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