Unrequited again (Burning)

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Poetry

Strangers once, then lovers in words

We talked and laughed all from a distance

A language invented, a coded love

To breach the distance between midnight and dawn

Stolen kisses and shared drinks

In rest places where in her eyes i died

I fell in love with the woman and all she said

She fell in love with the man who the words painted 

But remained dispassionate to the artist behind the words

Despised me to my face but loved the things i said

To her i was a word-slinging Quasimodo, a prince in words only

She left me at that solitary junction

Where expectation outrides perception

Drenched, depressed and broken, i turned to self-loathing

I knew all along, oh how i knew deep inside

Icarus must never fly closer to the sun

a dun lamp was never meant to shine

Oh father Daedelus, i should have have listened

Now I’m crashing and burning, while angels laugh

It hurts, it hurts…..and it’s a long way down.  



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