Birthday Blues

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Poetry


On the wrong side of 25, I celebrate a desolate birthday

One needle, a rooftop, looking down 5 stories

The urge burns, this insane desire jump

Oblivion promised, an end to all my misery
All in all a wonderful night, a night to lose it all

A black crow flies by, with a flutter of midnight wings

Dark feathers dripping Stygian waters

Golden eyes, as unforgiving as gilded ice

It sings for me, a voice like grating ice;
“Come fly with us, to the distant shores

Everybody gets a second chance, just let go

My master is most generous, just come along”

I let go of my fears, breathe in the damp January air.

I feel at peace, i can feel the wings of the dark wind

A cold caress of the whispered promise.

I need a rest, from this life forfeited.
I’ve run a long way, i’ve seen it all

Trying vainly to leave yesterday behind me

But it lingers on, like a stale smell of sweat

I carry the past under my unshaved armpits 
What do we become in the end

When all the masquerade is done?

Where do we go then, my dearest friend

When all the distance has been run?
It’s a tragedy to run out of distance before your life is done

Far much better to die when the blood is still young

I sit here, I wait. Tonight’s my last but tomorrow I promise I’m gone.

The pavement calls. A sweet song, please grant me sweet oblivion.



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