Regretful Soul

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Poetry

My soul sings a song,
Empty of words, deprived of melody.
It’s a dirge to my fallen flesh,
A miserable cry for my broken wings.

It sings of betrayal and misplaced trust,
A lonesome tune, from a scarred drum.
The drum that used to be beating heart
A heart once full of compassion and soft love.
Now just piece of dry leather,
Ravaged by rot and pierced by depression

I was skewered, I was weak
I ran with the wrong wolves, I chose the wrong pack.
They left me tethered to the hunter’s stake;
Left me to flames, bound and broken.
Alone and burning, i cry in desolation.
No second chances, i cry for absolution;
A quick release from the scotching chains.
I don’t cry for redemption, i’m far too gone.


©David Phiri 2016


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