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Feast of Crows

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

I cut my heart out and feed it to the crows
Under the full moon, laughing as blood flows
Darkness summons, my lover’s incarnate
Dark Oceans, freed soul, never to reincarnate

©David 2016


Pale silence

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Poetry

In my land of queer fancies,I sit by the graveyard gate.

With false dawn raising false hopes,

I write by the pale moon glow.

A big tome filled with many names

Names of the Fallen, the long gone.

And right at the very top of the list

I inscribe my own name in bold capitals

For I, amongst all, fell the furthest 

who will catch me? Who’ll embrace me?

Pale darkness, cold tears; 

only this and nothing more
David 2016

Down by the dumps( subtle goodbyes)

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Poetry

Cold winter winds by the downtown dumps
He huddled closely by the water pumps
A mass of rags, some ruffled up hair
I approached him and said, ” Hello Sir”

He looked through me and so my pain
Gave me a blanket and shelter from rain
I gave him a cigarette and we smoked in silence
Down by the dumps, i found home in silence

The next day I brought him warm lunch
Used my last dime but couldn’t care less
Where I am planning to go, riches are useless
Down by the dumps, i had a silent lunch

He didn’t have to ask but i told him nonetheless
“My train is coming and there is no escape
I’m giving up the world, I can’t escape my fate”
Down by the dumps, i made my subtle goodbyes.

Today i went down, and I didn’t find him
This good man, whom the world saw as a bum
Maybe an angel he was, this i reasoned
Down by the dumps, my last joy ended……



David Phiri 2016

If This Happens To be My Last

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Poetry

If this happens to be my last
Think not, i implore, of my sad and miserable past
Just remember how compassionately human I was
And that my mistakes only proved I wasn’t from Mars

Remember also those rare occasions
When an ephemeral smile knocked on my lips’ bearded edges
Surprising this worry-stricken face into a sparkling grin
Making me handsome, like a swift fleeting dream

Talk about the deep way in which I loved,
The way I trusted and never even judged.
But laugh not at this, my sheer naivety,
For I saw the beauty behind each and every entity

Forget my scars and moments of weakness
Just remember how I tried, I beg your forgiveness
Never more will I haunt you with my terrible poetry
I wrote down my misery, but it lacked any underlying novelty.

Never say I didn’t live, Oh how I tried!
But life happened no matter how I smiled.
Jump, rejoice; continue in merry and cheer
But please don’t forget to shed a single tear.

If this be my last, hold only the happy moments dear.

————The End———
David Phiri 2016

Crying out

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Poetry

I’m afflicted by a miserable joy
As i see my hands wring the life out of me
Burning bridges,burning dreams
A perverted joy in times of depression

I am drunk upon these, my salty tears
Addicted to this, my oppressive misery
Doomed from the start, I did all I could
But sometimes, there is so much a lone man can do

And so i trudge on, on four stumps
Dragging the dead weight of my miserable existance
A tattered soul riding a dead horse
It’s a long way to the Reaper’s gate

There to plead with the Devil himself
Until he grins in heart-wrenching pity
“Will you, Oh Dark One, spit me back?
Will you grant me some painless joy?”

I will cry at hell’s gates for a fairer chance in life
Plead with all the deities for a meaningful life
Is life meant to be so damned miserable?
Our joys are tainted by a lingering dark cloud of pain

Is there benevolence in the higher realms?
Is there compassion in the sacred temples?
I quest for clarity and freedom from these shambles
Yet everywhere I go, dark subtle hues rein and Life is pain.

@David Phiri


Posted: February 6, 2016 in Poetry

Heartbroken and stormed,
I tried getting stoned.
Changing aliases and faces
But still lost all the races

Lost in transition
I’m undergoing metamorphosis
Inflated by contrition
A worst case of psychosis

I’ve seen it all fall apart
Burnt all the bridges
My heart worlds apart
Torn into a million pieces

A free fall to lunacy
Grant me the much-needed clemency
Stuck in opaque melancholy
So alone in the world without mercy

From this dark gloom
will i ever break free?
All I see is doom

what will become of me?

©David Phiri

Burnt Phoenix

Posted: February 4, 2016 in Poetry

From the valley of broken dreams,
From the empty realm of lost things,
Burn the crimson cores that suck on souls.
No phoenix ever rises from those unforgiving flames

But look and behold, a broken creature;
Twisted and mottled by injustices suffered
Transcends from the ashes of blind love
Crooked, shriveled but honed to carry on
Only to die in solitude, disfigured and shunned.

How we have fallen!

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Poetry

Through frosted glass i look back,
To the unadulterated joys of my innocent past;
Before sour whiskey graced my virgin tongue
The silent moments before the cursed knell rang.

Those were spring days with brighter blooms,
Days untainted by the egotistical dreams.
Before high ideals of fame obscured my vision;
Moments of contentment, when virtue was my mission.

Oh how we all fell, my friend, how we’ve fallen!!
Into this forlorn land, with nothing but thorns
Our flesh torn apart, by bitter pains unknown
What have we become, my dear?How did we get here?

David Phiri 2016

“Dust of dreams, dust of all that we never achieved. Dust of what we might have been and what we cannot help but be……Dust of dreams, is it not time to set you free?
————Steven Erikson ———

The New Priest

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Poetry

He stood at the pulpit, high on devine steroids
Spitting truth and hellfire from his heavenly mouth
The feedback echoed on arches and aisles
Ours is a prophetic priest who leaks holy files

The sky in an ocean and the gods are drowning
Send them ambrosia, your praises and offering
Bring your first fruits, this and nothing else
Everyone cheered and the choir sang a verse.