Crying out

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Poetry

I’m afflicted by a miserable joy
As i see my hands wring the life out of me
Burning bridges,burning dreams
A perverted joy in times of depression

I am drunk upon these, my salty tears
Addicted to this, my oppressive misery
Doomed from the start, I did all I could
But sometimes, there is so much a lone man can do

And so i trudge on, on four stumps
Dragging the dead weight of my miserable existance
A tattered soul riding a dead horse
It’s a long way to the Reaper’s gate

There to plead with the Devil himself
Until he grins in heart-wrenching pity
“Will you, Oh Dark One, spit me back?
Will you grant me some painless joy?”

I will cry at hell’s gates for a fairer chance in life
Plead with all the deities for a meaningful life
Is life meant to be so damned miserable?
Our joys are tainted by a lingering dark cloud of pain

Is there benevolence in the higher realms?
Is there compassion in the sacred temples?
I quest for clarity and freedom from these shambles
Yet everywhere I go, dark subtle hues rein and Life is pain.

@David Phiri


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