If This Happens To be My Last

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Poetry

If this happens to be my last
Think not, i implore, of my sad and miserable past
Just remember how compassionately human I was
And that my mistakes only proved I wasn’t from Mars

Remember also those rare occasions
When an ephemeral smile knocked on my lips’ bearded edges
Surprising this worry-stricken face into a sparkling grin
Making me handsome, like a swift fleeting dream

Talk about the deep way in which I loved,
The way I trusted and never even judged.
But laugh not at this, my sheer naivety,
For I saw the beauty behind each and every entity

Forget my scars and moments of weakness
Just remember how I tried, I beg your forgiveness
Never more will I haunt you with my terrible poetry
I wrote down my misery, but it lacked any underlying novelty.

Never say I didn’t live, Oh how I tried!
But life happened no matter how I smiled.
Jump, rejoice; continue in merry and cheer
But please don’t forget to shed a single tear.

If this be my last, hold only the happy moments dear.

————The End———
David Phiri 2016


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