Down by the dumps( subtle goodbyes)

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Poetry

Cold winter winds by the downtown dumps
He huddled closely by the water pumps
A mass of rags, some ruffled up hair
I approached him and said, ” Hello Sir”

He looked through me and so my pain
Gave me a blanket and shelter from rain
I gave him a cigarette and we smoked in silence
Down by the dumps, i found home in silence

The next day I brought him warm lunch
Used my last dime but couldn’t care less
Where I am planning to go, riches are useless
Down by the dumps, i had a silent lunch

He didn’t have to ask but i told him nonetheless
“My train is coming and there is no escape
I’m giving up the world, I can’t escape my fate”
Down by the dumps, i made my subtle goodbyes.

Today i went down, and I didn’t find him
This good man, whom the world saw as a bum
Maybe an angel he was, this i reasoned
Down by the dumps, my last joy ended……



David Phiri 2016


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