No Refuge

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Poetry


imageWhere does one go in the end,
When everything gets taken by the wind?
Where can one seek proper refuge,
When the burdens become unbearably huge?

So you stand there at the edge of the unknown
Like an unsung warrior, feeling like an empty ruin
A shattered life, a broken dream
An empty soul, with no place to call home

In the end, true heroism is kept on the inside
The courage to smile when all allies are gone
When you stand alone, torn by the pain you keep inside
But you keep on swinging until you die alone

Expect nothing from this world and just carry on
The world forgets all acts of kindness, and pays back in pain
But, either way, give it all you have and expect no recompense
Humans tend to forget, just try hard not to take offense.
Forgive the world, it will never change
Embrace your fate and don’t give in to rage.

David 2016


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