A book (Journal of a broken dreamer page 02)

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Poetry

I read a book about a certain boy 

With a breath of talent, this special boy

He could go places where things weren’t 

This special orphan without any parent 

It’s a wonderful talent don’t you say?

I could go places where pain isn’t 

Leave tears behind just for single day

I could live once like a satisfied peasant.

I read a book again this other day

About this world without me in it

It was full of joy and laughter so gay

It’s a perfect world yet I don’t fit in it

One day, i swear,I’ll write my own book of pain

Fill the pages with torment and eternal rain

Dark clouds, sleepless nights in their luminous clarity 

It’s a world I fit it in, after all….and I’ll call it REALITY.



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