The Mathematician  ( Life of A)

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Poetry

Adamant Adam the Aboriginal Arrogant 

Sat in his Auspiciously Austere Abode

Set on his Arduous task of Adventurous Addition

Absolutely Adrift in Abysmally obsolete Arithmetic volumes

It is said Adam once had A dame of Adorable Attributes

Whose Absquatulation can be blamed for his Abstemious life

Abruptly enAmored by Abraham Angus the Anglican,

She set sail with him, Adrift on an Adulterous quest to The Albanian coast 

Oh poor Adam, A dame such her was so Abstruse for him

Now he is stuck in A life of unAdulated Absurdism

An Adroit Arithmetic Adept grossly Absorbed in geometrical Airspace

Who knows the subtle Allure of Alliterating Algorithms, oh Adam the Addict? 

David 2016


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