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My cavernous heart, dark and musty

Breeds vile thoughts, putrid and rusty

I’m a dark cauldron of blasphemous thoughts

A worn out chalice where all scum floats



Dark I descended, and in darkness I rose

An effigy of loss, I’m poor lost cause

Hope, joy and bliss I’ve finally forfeited

I’m now a spiteful man, yet deeply conceited



I still dream and yearn by the fading light

Holding on to a lost hope, an angel in flight

Bloodied and wingless, I grope in darkness

I am a fallen Icarus, hellbound for madness


Who an empty soul can thus fill

Of gay merriment, love and thrill?

All is vain, happiness eludes us

The moral of the rhyme; this world breaks us



Betrayed and scarred, we live for a spark

Our lives entwined, we squirm in the dark

But now I’ll give in to this pent-up rage

Let it lead me down the path of revenge

Until all compassion is seared away

And i’m left hollow in a world so gray



I’ll give in then to this darkness inside of me

Walk the desolate path ’til my soul is free.

I’ll give in to hate until I lose myself deep in it,

Sacrifice on dark alters, even sell my soul and spirit

Woe to those who wronged me! can you even feel it?

You don’t have much time; prepare for Nemesis’ incarnate!





Sores and sea shores

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Poetry


A question, haunting demons, feet dangling

Looking down on the world, our fates daring

One question, flimsy smile, “ever thought about it?”

I passed on the cigar, “…just bailing out and quit.”


The minutes passed in comfortable silence

Even the seagulls gave up their loud defiance

A moment captured, the dying of youth

Cigarette smoke, pale mist; a moment of truth


“I wish to go away to a place unknown,

New face, new life like an anonymous pawn

Clear skies, clean slate, a nameless man

A life of second chances, respite from pain.”


We shared a smoke, and agreed in silence

No need for words, only memories of innocence

While the mist rose like a wraith from the scary deep

If i could fade into mist; i heard my own heart weep.

This Urge To Jump 

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Poetry

Most times I go there alone
Sometimes a concerned friend tags along

It’s a high cliff with a splendid view

So close to heavens and to skies so blue

I go there often, to stand right at the ledge

Hoping one day I might slip over the edge.

“Why do you come here every single week?”

A friend asked as the winds blew at us last week

“To eavesdrop on the gods,” I said and he laughed

I do that often, hide my pain behind humor so odd

The truth is far more twisted, and I won’t say it out loud

I’m working out the nerve to jump, that is all i know

I will fall once more in the face of beauty, this too i know

With every week I go there, I draw closer to that final fall…..


Posted: April 1, 2016 in Poetry

Late last night i bowed
to a lonesome, crippled god
Weary and broken
yet as solid as molded gold
He knew my pain
And my wounds he tenderly kissed
He invited me to his world
Where all wrongs are righted
I reached him out in desperation
And he promised bitter absolution ..