This Urge To Jump 

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Poetry

Most times I go there alone
Sometimes a concerned friend tags along

It’s a high cliff with a splendid view

So close to heavens and to skies so blue

I go there often, to stand right at the ledge

Hoping one day I might slip over the edge.

“Why do you come here every single week?”

A friend asked as the winds blew at us last week

“To eavesdrop on the gods,” I said and he laughed

I do that often, hide my pain behind humor so odd

The truth is far more twisted, and I won’t say it out loud

I’m working out the nerve to jump, that is all i know

I will fall once more in the face of beauty, this too i know

With every week I go there, I draw closer to that final fall…..


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