Sores and sea shores

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Poetry


A question, haunting demons, feet dangling

Looking down on the world, our fates daring

One question, flimsy smile, “ever thought about it?”

I passed on the cigar, “…just bailing out and quit.”


The minutes passed in comfortable silence

Even the seagulls gave up their loud defiance

A moment captured, the dying of youth

Cigarette smoke, pale mist; a moment of truth


“I wish to go away to a place unknown,

New face, new life like an anonymous pawn

Clear skies, clean slate, a nameless man

A life of second chances, respite from pain.”


We shared a smoke, and agreed in silence

No need for words, only memories of innocence

While the mist rose like a wraith from the scary deep

If i could fade into mist; i heard my own heart weep.


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