When Your World Crumbles ( A Rudyard Kipling moment)

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Poetry


When you trust your instinct and it turns out wrong
When you trust your heart over your head so strong
And the hurricane comes and away all is mercilessly blown
To run you want, but you find out that you’re fully worn

When the time comes and you face the dreadful reality
Yet you just want to dismiss it as a paranoid irrationality
But it turns out you’re just another old crow
Trying to fly away through the eagles’ fly-door

When everyday you live with the consequences of your mistake
And try as you might, those hands of time you simply can’t turn back
At this point in time you know your reasoning has been lame
And the break of dawn from now on will never be the same

When you trudge through each day like a wounded warrior
And you have to smile to the world pretending to be merrier
How then can one stand in the midst of all this rubble?
Who do you turn to for comfort, an anchor in times of trouble?

The End


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