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I Used To…..

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Poetry

The beauty of your flesh belies an ugly soul, Syntara (Steven Erikson–Fall of Light)


I used to believe in the sanctity of uttered words
Oaths loudly spoken, witnessed by sentient birds
I believed words could bind, and truths attainable
I never knew of subtle lies, and deception so deplorable

I used to believe in love
Crossed seas, moved mountains, for it I strove
Wore my fragile heart on my fringed sleeves
Sacrificed to an indifferent Aphrodite, now i grieve

I used to roar in gales of laughter
Loved life and longed to live forever after
Until one came along and killed my smile
Tore me apart until my tears filled the river Nile

Now I only believe in the darkness of the human soul
The ugliness that reins subtly, the deepest core
It lurks behind smiles and slays both friend and foe
Seeking its own egoistical amusement through wine and gore
I believe what’s worst in humans will eventually manifest
I will carry these hard lessons to my grave, this I attest.



I liked being blind to everything because I was in love. And I thought for some reason that living for love was the most was the most valiant thing in all the worlds.” ( Pierce Brown—Red Rising 3; Morning Star)




Please tell me again…

Posted: May 29, 2016 in Poetry

             Please, tell me; tell me about it again

She looked at me, a tear in her myopic eye

And she told me about The Catcher In The Rye

I lay sick on her lap, in a field of harvested grain

         She sang also of those mansions in the sky

Where no soul has any reason to cry 

I know i won’t make it there, but i let her sing

She sings like an angel, she calms my pain

Later that night I cried, haunted by the pain

And i forgot all the stories, but i knew she’d tell me again

She’d tell me, only if I make it through the night….


“Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart..”  ( Lord of the Flies)

Where Do Estranged Friends Go?

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Poetry

All it takes is one betrayal to steal away an entire future…Must everything break in the end?( Steven Erikson)


Where do estranged friends go?
They fade into the night, to the valley of silent lies
The truth is never spoken, a world of stifled cries
When betrayal is rampart, no bond is left intact
And they die silent deaths, alone…without any impact.


Betrayal. When the face before us proves a lie, when the eyes deceive and hide the truths behind them. Will there be no end to such things?”
(Steven Erikson)

Hellbound Hearse

Posted: May 22, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

Hellbound hearse




Dig up an airy grave and bury me inside a hearse
No need for coffins because I love shifting gears
Blank-tinted windows all the way to hell
Doing the speed limit, there’s a hellhound on my trail

Hell fires blaze while the stereo blasts the blues
But I’ll stifle my screams, ’til i fade into greyish hues
I’ll find my comfort in dark and bloody insanity
I cut my own wrists, now you know my propensity

The moral of the rhyme is I’m losing my marbles
Dreaming of the worst ’cause that’s the way my life goes
Fast life, excruciating pain all around the clock
But sweet relief is promised at the hollow end of a loaded Glock


When Angels Die

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Poetry

I see a man trying his best in a world that doesn’t give a sh*t. It breaks my heart….There is a point when honor becomes a flaw of character” (Pierce Brown–Morning Star)

I sought truths in a house of lies
Searched depth from shallow pools
Until my laughter became empty cries
When i realised there is no rest for ignorant fools

But the ancients spoke of love and honour
Oh, how much I sacrificed on those fallen alters!
I praised ideals from a dead civilisation,
Burned brightly like a pearly anachronism
Until in one night all the lustre was cruelly stolen
Rusted and broken, just a trinket soon forgotten
Tell me, who cries when an angel dies ?


Never again will my heart arrive in innocence. Never again will I make the foolish loves of youth into a man’s ideal, and so suffer a longing for something that never was. Ashes await us all. This lover of the world has set aside his love, for now and for ever more…. (Steven Erikson–Fall Of Light)


Posted: May 15, 2016 in Poetry

The truth is the world’s funniest integer 
Let it be known that I’m just a 26-year old teenager……


Dangle With The Devil

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

“Keep a close watch on the path you follow, my friend, else one day you will look about you and not know where you are” ( John Gwyenne)



Random thoughts-
A tight rope around my throat
Death warrant granted,
Life and death in perfect balance

The reaper cheers on
But the angels sing a sad song
The pious saints cry
And in Eden, the river of life runs dry

So I grope and dangle in between fates
Life oozing out while the monk recites dirges from Acts
“Hell hath no fury,” the preacher knows it for a fact
My time is out. One last time, upon my life I reflect

An angel I was born but my wings i cut
Gave in to my vices and joined the Devil’s cart
On the hell-bound fun-wagon, I’m just a marionette
The reaper works the strings and I mimic his act

To untangle myself i tried, but the ventriloquist changed the rules
More sweet temptations and i fell for the ruse
From being a puppet to being a circus clown
Lost in a mirror maze, i forfeited the Holy Crown

But now it’s my time to work upon the strings
So i made myself a loop out of a thousand rings
The knell tolls and the church bells seize to ring
My last stand, what will eternal damnation bring?


“I wear the chain i forged in life, i made it link by link and yard by yard” (Charles Dickens)


Monday Mornings 

Posted: May 9, 2016 in Poetry

Clockwise the clock rocks
Tick-tock it gropes in constant mock

The clock crows and it’s six o’clock 

In shock, cloaked figures pop their eyes and poke their clocks


Dying Virtues

Posted: May 8, 2016 in Poetry



I sought out a dying sea
Sailed blindly through unknown lands
To Places where gods come to die
A broken landscape, laughter’s bane

I willfully marched for sordid causes
Cast off the comfortable leathers of dying virtues
And walked barren fields of burning roses
Where the crimson flames sang diffident dirges

In that desolate land i played my last drum
Under the brooding skies that bled off rum
Until the whole land lost its virginity in a drunken orgy
I was a harbinger to the death of sweet innocence.
The last lost prophet of dying morals and providence



“In a world emptied of virtues, all things became vices…..and each day arrived with bleaker aspect than the last.”( Steven Erikson)


Hopeless Pain

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Poetry



There comes a very sad time in life

When you realise you can’t have what you want

When sadness and pain seem so rife

And all things you built start to fall apart

Tears well up but you try to hide your grief

Hope is gone and anger sears your mortal heart


Hold on you might but all is spent and gone

You look back in time to see how far you’ve come

At that moment you realise just how little you’ve done

The world becomes cold and you feel you’re all alone

And it dawns on you that there’s is no place to call home

Tears well up again when darkness gives way to dawn

When it becomes clear that life is a sad conundrum

The melodrama continues and hopelessness sets in

You cease to live but start looking back at what has been

The mind shuts down and eyes forget what they’ve seen

Life stops and you start existing in a frightful recurring dream

Where can one hide when reality cuts off the silvery seam?

When love turns to hate and the sun turns out a weak beam?

Insanity sets in and we question our own well- being

Who are we and what’s the reason for living?

All happy moments are tainted, a fate so unforgiving

When all is gone, what can a fallen man believe in ?


© David2016


“There’s no end to losing everything, is there? It just goes on and on. How many fatal choices can a man make? How many deaths can a man endure?” (Steven Erikson)