Cheap Thrills

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Poetry

imageI met her on the broken path,listened to her tale:
“I love cheap thrills!” I used to dance a twirl
Booze in my hand and could do anything for a refill
I walked an unerring path, unmindful of the people i hurt
Destroyed innocent lives without feeling any regret
Tell me, did I sell my future for a bunch of cheap thrills?
couldn’t answer her, but I knew the lure of cheap thrills

I took her hand and fell in love with her sadness
Down the river of sorrows, We drowned ourselves in tears
When the sun set and the night chilled us with a sweet caress
We could here it: sweet suicide calling us with such tenderness




“A woman who does not care is a dangerous woman. Habits and deed could stain a soul and a soul made weary longed for sordid ends.”(Steven Erikson)

“But a soul at its end longed for all that was past, and so remained trapped in a present filled with regrets”( Steven Erikson)

“You know the price of selling out the future? You can never really leave the past. You can never get over”  ( Stephen King–Hearts In Atlantis)


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