Hopeless Pain

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Poetry



There comes a very sad time in life

When you realise you can’t have what you want

When sadness and pain seem so rife

And all things you built start to fall apart

Tears well up but you try to hide your grief

Hope is gone and anger sears your mortal heart


Hold on you might but all is spent and gone

You look back in time to see how far you’ve come

At that moment you realise just how little you’ve done

The world becomes cold and you feel you’re all alone

And it dawns on you that there’s is no place to call home

Tears well up again when darkness gives way to dawn

When it becomes clear that life is a sad conundrum

The melodrama continues and hopelessness sets in

You cease to live but start looking back at what has been

The mind shuts down and eyes forget what they’ve seen

Life stops and you start existing in a frightful recurring dream

Where can one hide when reality cuts off the silvery seam?

When love turns to hate and the sun turns out a weak beam?

Insanity sets in and we question our own well- being

Who are we and what’s the reason for living?

All happy moments are tainted, a fate so unforgiving

When all is gone, what can a fallen man believe in ?


© David2016


“There’s no end to losing everything, is there? It just goes on and on. How many fatal choices can a man make? How many deaths can a man endure?” (Steven Erikson)



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