Dangle With The Devil

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

“Keep a close watch on the path you follow, my friend, else one day you will look about you and not know where you are” ( John Gwyenne)



Random thoughts-
A tight rope around my throat
Death warrant granted,
Life and death in perfect balance

The reaper cheers on
But the angels sing a sad song
The pious saints cry
And in Eden, the river of life runs dry

So I grope and dangle in between fates
Life oozing out while the monk recites dirges from Acts
“Hell hath no fury,” the preacher knows it for a fact
My time is out. One last time, upon my life I reflect

An angel I was born but my wings i cut
Gave in to my vices and joined the Devil’s cart
On the hell-bound fun-wagon, I’m just a marionette
The reaper works the strings and I mimic his act

To untangle myself i tried, but the ventriloquist changed the rules
More sweet temptations and i fell for the ruse
From being a puppet to being a circus clown
Lost in a mirror maze, i forfeited the Holy Crown

But now it’s my time to work upon the strings
So i made myself a loop out of a thousand rings
The knell tolls and the church bells seize to ring
My last stand, what will eternal damnation bring?


“I wear the chain i forged in life, i made it link by link and yard by yard” (Charles Dickens)



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