When Angels Die

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Poetry

I see a man trying his best in a world that doesn’t give a sh*t. It breaks my heart….There is a point when honor becomes a flaw of character” (Pierce Brown–Morning Star)

I sought truths in a house of lies
Searched depth from shallow pools
Until my laughter became empty cries
When i realised there is no rest for ignorant fools

But the ancients spoke of love and honour
Oh, how much I sacrificed on those fallen alters!
I praised ideals from a dead civilisation,
Burned brightly like a pearly anachronism
Until in one night all the lustre was cruelly stolen
Rusted and broken, just a trinket soon forgotten
Tell me, who cries when an angel dies ?


Never again will my heart arrive in innocence. Never again will I make the foolish loves of youth into a man’s ideal, and so suffer a longing for something that never was. Ashes await us all. This lover of the world has set aside his love, for now and for ever more…. (Steven Erikson–Fall Of Light)


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