Lost it All

Posted: May 27, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

I lost it all, Dead and broken.My back’s against the wall.Cut me open.I’m just trying to breathe,Just trying to figure it out. Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.I said, “Then I lost it all.” Who can save me now?–(Black Veil Brides: Lost It All)





If life had a soundtrack
Mine would have been a dirge
Born dead I was
And I wailed a threnody

Flower-gifts they brought
To my place of birth
There on the cursed heath
Where I lost my mortal soul

Born again I was
Deep in Styx’s murky waters
A condemned soul
Bound to suffer in the hereafter

To my marriage they flooded
Straight from Davy Jones’ locker
My shrouded bride, the Reaper made me kiss
Upon the alter I embraced my spouse—veiled in darkness

And together we lived in vivid obscurity
Hidden from the light, engrossed in promiscuity
Fat offspring we brought forth, the sons of darkness
Fruits of our dark deeds, void of meekness

Now upon my tomb I lie, a soul condemned
Too late for the truth to seek, of my destiny unnamed

Who will save me now? nothing..just the silence of the grave…




‘How did you feel, Edgewalker, when everything you held fell to pieces in your hands? … Did the world echo to your howl?’( Steven Erikson)





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