Regrets and Despair 

Posted: May 28, 2016 in Introspective prose, Writing

I’ve had choices, since the day that I was born…if i had listened, I wouldn’t be here today. Living and dying with the choices I made.” ( George Jones)

       Deep in the throes of despair, in the pangs of regret, we all cry tears of desolation. They are not tears of pity for our sorry predicament. No, those tears of self-pity soon dry out. The tears that linger, that keep us awake all night, are the tears we cry for all those we let down. We cry a river for the people we betrayed because we chose to follow the common path, the people whose faith we broke. We cry for the innocence we lost when chose expediency over integrity–we cry for all the potential lost because we chose the path of least resistance.

          It’s the worst kind of torture, I know, to live with the burden of the pain you inflicted on others(in addition to the pains you feel) . When you look past the wounds you bear and look at the anguished visage of those you broke, when you stop being ignorantly egoistic and care enough to see the hurt we’ve caused, that’s only when you can regain the little shred humanity that is lost to this generation. It’s only the wicked who know peace, for they go through life without any compunction. 

           It ain’t a shame therefore to weep for lost potential. Weep, then, for lost innocence; weep for all broken promises and broken dreams, and for the moral roads left untraveled. Weep for the child inside you who you kill every time you make a bad turn. Above all, weep for the voice of conscience that you chose to ignore. Only then will this world be saved. It’s a long walk to back Eden. Always strive for truth, honor what is good. Strive for virtue. 

A single regret [can] crush a thousand proud deeds” ( Steven Erikson)


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