I Used To…..

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Poetry

The beauty of your flesh belies an ugly soul, Syntara (Steven Erikson–Fall of Light)


I used to believe in the sanctity of uttered words
Oaths loudly spoken, witnessed by sentient birds
I believed words could bind, and truths attainable
I never knew of subtle lies, and deception so deplorable

I used to believe in love
Crossed seas, moved mountains, for it I strove
Wore my fragile heart on my fringed sleeves
Sacrificed to an indifferent Aphrodite, now i grieve

I used to roar in gales of laughter
Loved life and longed to live forever after
Until one came along and killed my smile
Tore me apart until my tears filled the river Nile

Now I only believe in the darkness of the human soul
The ugliness that reins subtly, the deepest core
It lurks behind smiles and slays both friend and foe
Seeking its own egoistical amusement through wine and gore
I believe what’s worst in humans will eventually manifest
I will carry these hard lessons to my grave, this I attest.



I liked being blind to everything because I was in love. And I thought for some reason that living for love was the most was the most valiant thing in all the worlds.” ( Pierce Brown—Red Rising 3; Morning Star)




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