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A singular madness

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Introspective prose

dark thoughts and black clouds

The shine in my eyes has faded, a subtle glint left where a brilliance used to sit. My laughter has gone from a bellow to a soft chuckle, and my smile refuses to reach my eyes. I’m tired, exhausted really. Nothing comes easy, with pain and rage being the exception. I struggle against myself to put these few words down, strewn across the page in a rush as if I may run out of time. Ah time, the fleeting moments slipping by merely to remind me that they are gone forever. A morose and melancholy madness plays across my mind, pumping a singular kind of crazy through my veins. I retract back into myself, going into the mass graves of my imagination to sift through ashes of war. Hoping to salvage whatever scraps of ideas or creativity I can find from a time before the conflict. The internal struggle rages…

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Posted: June 27, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry

“Nought’s had, all’s spent,

Where our desire is got without content”

Thunder strikes and the worlds twirl

And with each passing day our hearts swell

‘Till the final knell when all mercilessly bursts

And our mortal dark hearts taint even our battered vests

When pain and anguish finally collide,

Harbingers of the awaited torment on the reaper’s fabled ride

“All is vanity!” so cried the wise man of old

with these few words, my whole life he foretold



Palaces in the sky?

Posted: June 21, 2016 in Poetry
sorrow for the lost Lenore— Nameless here for evermore. (E.A Poe: The Raven)


She loved Coldplay,

Fantasy fiction; especially cosplay

but she couldn’t stand 50 Shades of Gray

“I’d rather watch donkeys bray,” she’d say

She’d smile brightly like a lilly in May

only to be plucked on a solemn, cold day

are we all just as brittle as crispy dry hay?

She’s now in heaven,” i heard the ´preacher say

that made me wonder about God’s way

should i dare believe in palaces in the sky

i really don’t know, sometimes i break down and cry.




When someone dies, you think about the past. (Stephen King: Hearts In Atlantis)


Where do i go from here?

Posted: June 17, 2016 in Poetry

“The things that I loved were very frail. Very fragile. I didn’t know that. I thought they were indestructible. They weren’t.”(― Cormac McCarthy: The Sunset Limited)



i don’t know how,

it just happened

at one point in time

the world moved on

and left me behind

stuck, holding on

to obsolete ideas

lost, broken and confused

alone and powerless

it’s a world of lies

where truth is fiction

it costs more to  be real

where do i go from here?





Of Heroes And Legends

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Poetry


“ ‘cause when you try hard is when you die hard.” ( Kanye West)



She came to me, all shiny smiles

Pampered, high on delusional rumors

To meet her hero, that’s all she wanted

She thought me a legend. Only to be disappointed


“Never meet your heroes,”

I told her, solemn and wounded

“For you will forever be disappointed,

You’ll see through their scars

To the broken, loneliest part of their souls.”

They bleed, and sometimes they cry

To hide their pains, Oh how much they try!”


I bleed too you know? I wanted to add

But she quickly left, no longer in mellow mood

I sat alone there, a broken legend

Very transparent as my wounds bled

I bleed too, maybe more than anyone else.

……………..But I tried

Lord knows I tried….




…Because it’s all slowing down. I’m slowing down. Look at me, lying here, healed up but full of aches, old pains, and nothing but cold ashes in my soul…” (S.E)









Sweet Suicide

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry


“You know I’m better off dead than singing these suicide blues. “(Suicide Blues–Cross Canadian Ragweedimage

Art by Dolk  Lundgren; a Norwegian Street Artist


I crave for death’s cold kiss
To suck me whole into her blissful abyss
And forever swim free with condemned souls
I can’t stand the pain. This life is a thorny rose

My broken spirit pulls me a little close
To the ultimate euphoria, dangling free on a noose
Ropes and blades, my newly found muse
A quick release, let my rotten blood ooze.
I’m dead inside, lost touch with life and reality
After this much pain, suicide is nothing but a formality.


Courage failed her again and again, but not this time, as she drew sharp blades lengthways up her wrists, at precise angles, and watched as life flowed away. In her mind, this last gesture was but a formality.(Toll The Hounds)

But look at us now

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Poetry


But look at us now,
We self-centred humans
Look at all we have done,
The wickedness in our stony hearts
Look at all our wicked potential,
See the malicious intent that beauty hides
The devils we bury behind flowery façades

Driven by selfish and malignant lust
For ephemeral riches and instant pleasure
We create hell for those around us
By being obtuse and Inhumanly callous
Through the lies we say and the truth we hide
Lies so deadly, akin to murder

Are we cursed then like Midas old?
With a rotten touch, not his of gold
“After all you’ve done,
how do you live with youself?
After the hurt you’ve inflicted,
How do you justify yourself?”
The gods will ask, I can only weep…….




None But Strangers

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Poetry, Quote


Where will I stand
When the winds wage war
Fleeing the dawn
Howling the breath of ice
Blistered with desert’s smile
Dusty from crypts

Where will I stand
When the world crashes down
And on all sides
I am left exposed
To weapons illimitable
From the vented host

Will I stand at all
Against such forces unbarred
Reeling to every blow
Blinded by storms of pain
As all is taken from me
So cruelly taken away

Let us not talk of courage
Nor steel fortitude
The gifts of wisdom
Burn too hot to touch
The hunger for peace
Breaks the heart

Where will I stand
In the dust of a done life
Face bared to regrets
That flail the known visage
Until none but strangers
Watch my fall

None but Strangers Fisher Kel Tath

from Steven Erikson’s Toll The Hounds

Youth is wasted on the young

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Poetry

In her appetites she was ever blind, taking all within her reach.” ( Fall of Lights)

Youth is wasted on the young

He sang

I agreed 

And applauded

Why ? she asked,

Deeply confounded 

The frenzied obsession with instant gratification 

Ever ignorant to consequences of actions & dire ramifications 

The arrogant blustery in throes of confusion 

The notion of invincibility, a ubiquitous delusion

We measure progress in terms of speed

Never keen to distinguish between want and need


I ranted on and on ’til she begged me to stop
Hers is a typical youth: an she the prime crop

She finally agreed, and sang along

Afterwards she wept….in private and alone


Youth was headlong…The future was not consciously rushed into –it was just the place you suddenly ended up in, battered and weary and wondering how in Hood’s name you got there.”(The Bonehunters)