Youth is wasted on the young

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Poetry

In her appetites she was ever blind, taking all within her reach.” ( Fall of Lights)

Youth is wasted on the young

He sang

I agreed 

And applauded

Why ? she asked,

Deeply confounded 

The frenzied obsession with instant gratification 

Ever ignorant to consequences of actions & dire ramifications 

The arrogant blustery in throes of confusion 

The notion of invincibility, a ubiquitous delusion

We measure progress in terms of speed

Never keen to distinguish between want and need


I ranted on and on ’til she begged me to stop
Hers is a typical youth: an she the prime crop

She finally agreed, and sang along

Afterwards she wept….in private and alone


Youth was headlong…The future was not consciously rushed into –it was just the place you suddenly ended up in, battered and weary and wondering how in Hood’s name you got there.”(The Bonehunters)


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