Beautiful Loser

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Poetry

Beautiful loser,Where you gonna fall? When you realize, you just can’t have it all? (Bob Seger– Beautiful Loser)



I tried to save an indifferent world,
Sought to be the balm of the broken.
Thought i could salvage what was gnarled
Save a wayward life with the past left unspoken
I wanted to be the soul of a lost friend
To save an angel until they retranscend
How i sought to be perfect, to be godsend!
This virtuous path was my downfall in the end

Some warped souls can never be healed
They only devour, with nothing to give or yield
It’s a thing you only know when your end is coming;
No matter how hard you try, the world owes you nothing




Where will I stand, In the dust of a done life. Face bared to regrets,that flail the known visage Until none but strangers watch my fall.. (Steven Erikson)



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