But look at us now

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Poetry


But look at us now,
We self-centred humans
Look at all we have done,
The wickedness in our stony hearts
Look at all our wicked potential,
See the malicious intent that beauty hides
The devils we bury behind flowery façades

Driven by selfish and malignant lust
For ephemeral riches and instant pleasure
We create hell for those around us
By being obtuse and Inhumanly callous
Through the lies we say and the truth we hide
Lies so deadly, akin to murder

Are we cursed then like Midas old?
With a rotten touch, not his of gold
“After all you’ve done,
how do you live with youself?
After the hurt you’ve inflicted,
How do you justify yourself?”
The gods will ask, I can only weep…….





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