Sweet Suicide

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry


“You know I’m better off dead than singing these suicide blues. “(Suicide Blues–Cross Canadian Ragweedimage

Art by Dolk  Lundgren; a Norwegian Street Artist


I crave for death’s cold kiss
To suck me whole into her blissful abyss
And forever swim free with condemned souls
I can’t stand the pain. This life is a thorny rose

My broken spirit pulls me a little close
To the ultimate euphoria, dangling free on a noose
Ropes and blades, my newly found muse
A quick release, let my rotten blood ooze.
I’m dead inside, lost touch with life and reality
After this much pain, suicide is nothing but a formality.


Courage failed her again and again, but not this time, as she drew sharp blades lengthways up her wrists, at precise angles, and watched as life flowed away. In her mind, this last gesture was but a formality.(Toll The Hounds)


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