Of Heroes And Legends

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Poetry


“ ‘cause when you try hard is when you die hard.” ( Kanye West)



She came to me, all shiny smiles

Pampered, high on delusional rumors

To meet her hero, that’s all she wanted

She thought me a legend. Only to be disappointed


“Never meet your heroes,”

I told her, solemn and wounded

“For you will forever be disappointed,

You’ll see through their scars

To the broken, loneliest part of their souls.”

They bleed, and sometimes they cry

To hide their pains, Oh how much they try!”


I bleed too you know? I wanted to add

But she quickly left, no longer in mellow mood

I sat alone there, a broken legend

Very transparent as my wounds bled

I bleed too, maybe more than anyone else.

……………..But I tried

Lord knows I tried….




…Because it’s all slowing down. I’m slowing down. Look at me, lying here, healed up but full of aches, old pains, and nothing but cold ashes in my soul…” (S.E)










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