A singular madness

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Introspective prose

dark thoughts and black clouds

The shine in my eyes has faded, a subtle glint left where a brilliance used to sit. My laughter has gone from a bellow to a soft chuckle, and my smile refuses to reach my eyes. I’m tired, exhausted really. Nothing comes easy, with pain and rage being the exception. I struggle against myself to put these few words down, strewn across the page in a rush as if I may run out of time. Ah time, the fleeting moments slipping by merely to remind me that they are gone forever. A morose and melancholy madness plays across my mind, pumping a singular kind of crazy through my veins. I retract back into myself, going into the mass graves of my imagination to sift through ashes of war. Hoping to salvage whatever scraps of ideas or creativity I can find from a time before the conflict. The internal struggle rages…

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