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Dear Agony

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Poetry, Quote
I have nothing left to give
I have found the perfect end
You were made to make it hurt
Disappear into the dirt
Carry me to heaven’s arms
Light the way and let me go
Take the time to take my breath
I will end where I began

And I will find the enemy within
Cause I can feel it crawl beneath my skin

Dear Agony
Just let go of me
Suffer slowly
Is this the way it’s gotta be?
Dear Agony

Suddenly the lights go out
Let forever drag me down
I will fight for one last breath
I will fight until the end

Leave me alone
God let me go
I’m blue and cold
Black sky will burn
Love pull me down
Hate lift me up
Just turn around
There’s nothing left

Somewhere far beyond this world
I feel nothing anymore

I feel nothing anymore


I’m Dead Inside

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry

Stormed city, manned with the living dead

Demons too, here I keep them well-fed

Happiness, an artifact of a civilization long dead

I hide my issue, so now I’m depressed.


Who an empty soul can thus heal?

In the distant sad past, I constantly dwell

I lost everything just for want of a nail

Physically exhausted and emotionally frail


So I take the pillow and stifle my screams

Losing my marbles, losing my dreams

But I really find comfort in insanity

I cut my wrist, now you know my propensity



jim morrision quotes

He swam at my feet,
Powerful arms in broad strokes
Sweeping the sand.
So I asked this man,
What seas do you swim?
And to this he answered,
‘I have seen shells and the like
On this desert floor,
So I swim this land’s memory
Thus honouring its past,’
Is the journey far, queried I.
‘I cannot say,’ he replied,
‘For I shall drown long before
I am done.’

Sayings of the Fool
Thenys Bule

Steven Erikson – Malazan Book of the Fallen 02
Deadhouse Gates”


Image from Deviantart: DevilishlyCreative



The Bridgburners art by Genesischant (

I have seen the face of sorrow
She looks away in the distance
Across all these bridges
From whence I came
And those spans, trussed and arched
Hold up our lives as we go back again
To how we thought then
To how we thought we thought then

I have seen sorrow’s face,
But she is ever turned away
And her words leave me blind
Her eyes make me mute
I do not understand what she says to me
I do not know if to obey
Or attempt a flood of tears

I have seen her face
She does not speak
She does not weep
She does not know me
For I am but a stone fitted in place
On the bridge where she walks

Lay of the Bridgeburners
Toc the Younger”

― Steven Erikson (Reaper’s Gale)



It’s simple really

I can live freely

Open a book and escape my sorrow

And live a life through the eyes I borrow

A more realistic world

More emotion felt

A world where compassion reigns

No pretext nor fakers, no crippling pains


Sometimes I wish I were born a letter

And get assimilated into a life less bitter

In mountainous volumes of forgotten tales

Epic stories where all evil fails

I wish one day I could escape forever

To a world that appreciate every heartfelt endeavour

Please Lord I pray not for sweet Paradise

Just a good story, where life doesn’t spin on a dice…






When pain starts, hope comes to its claustrophobic end

The yin and yang of life outstretched at both ends

The knell tolls on, chaperoned by monotonous threnodies

And the soul continues its quest for future vacancies


The end starts right at the beginning

And the beginning right at the very end

And forth the fourth horse continues its victorious gallop

A sermon, a priest: “dust to dust” all codswallop


White graves and black hearses

Remind the undertaker to say his graces

Yet the rich fool his wealth embraces

To him heaven and hell are just cruel banalities.


All ends

The hooded grim ripper triumphs

“Vanity!!”Emaciated sirens cry

Hell winds blow….and water runs dry….




©David Phiri

Farewell(The Last Note)

Posted: July 21, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry



“He Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere”–Journey


Cold mist by a roadside stop

At the frail end of my road where life shakes

Night creeping towards midnight, strangling all hope

A night to lose it all, just a life of ugly fates


A swirl of mist, a wisp of inspiration

A song of beauty with verses of sorrow

The last note to the world, a suicidal incantation

My final hymn, to the horrors of tomorrow


I’ve spent my life trusting the wrong persons

They took all my joy, left me with only hard lessons

But tonight I’ll take the last ride, to a very faraway place

I long to embrace the darkness, disappear without a trace…





Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight. For the greatest tragedy of them all is never to feel the burning light.–Oscar Wilde


Broken wings, rock bottom

Still haunted by the old phantom

The strength I need I can’t fathom

To beat the odds and forever blossom


I held on to stupidity, mistaking it for innocence

Chased every waterfall, a life without any sense

Until the angels banished me from the skies

There are no happy endings when Icarus flies



Image from Da Vinci’s Demons

My Vampire Lover

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry


Cold hands, cold heart –literally

A creature of night who loved the light

In her cold embrace I lie eternally

But I’m just one of the demons she fights


“ ’Til death do us part”? What false brevity!!

Together we renounce life but crave eternity

A bountiful gain from losing one’s mortal soul

To the devious devil who lies in wait across Styx’s shore….


To be continued…….





Ecstatic Passion

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Poetry




The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

String me up with a guitar garrote,
And set me afire with musical passion.
Shuffle the deck and deal me my tarot,
For life is vain; I won’t claim my fortune.

Let’s toast to life at the graveyard’s gate,
And sing in Braille for the deaf to hear.
For who is there to rule our fate?
So why bother living our lives in fear?

Oh darling, please tie me up with chains of ecstasy.
Burn my soul with love and rid me of this pain.
Grant me this please, my perverted fantasy.
Strip off all your walls, let’s walk naked in the rain.

Come away with me to the land of broken dreams,
Across the galaxies, to the distant obscure realms.
Let’s die together in this life and risk the next.
Self-immolation to our sensual, ecstatic rest.

© David