Raise The Titanic

Posted: July 2, 2016 in Poetry



On the edge if it

That the point where I am in my life

“Why not just end it…?”

That’s all I’m thinking of after all this strife…


I’m going down……,

May someone please raise the Titanic?!

The iron curtain is going down,

And heavenly shades of the night are falling so opaque.


“You reap what you sow….”

Or is it all there is?

What if in plenty I sowed,

And only few I reaped?


On this bank and shoal of time,

We’re nothing but prisoners.

Serving our unknown term,

On this abandoned universe.


Blinded by ambition we plough through it all

Only to find out we’re all on the death row,–

It’s so painful that we’re just but mere useless pawns,

Mere marionettes on strings worked by unknown gods.





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