Please, take me to a better place 

Posted: July 14, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry

What is given away for free comes back wounded. Value is not always shared and some hands are rougher than others.”(Steven Erikson)

It has always been a struggle, 

I say

It has always been a struggle

To find my place in this desolate world,

To live a simple life, as much as I could 

Running from heart to heart, desperately seeking shelter

I never gave up searching, Oh, i didn’t even falter 

Some carried hidden blades, i never could tell

Some had warm smiles that hid a cold hell

I wish I didn’t know now what i didn’t know then

No-one accepts lovingly when something’s freely given

What’s given freely is often cruelly thrown away

Crooked and used, innocence is never allowed to stay

And a soul thus broken is left in a dark place, without hope’s ray

Longing for some wax wings and dreaming of flying way

Surely out there, there is a wholesome place, a brighter day….


“The blunt truth was, the world beat upon a soul until bones bent and hearts broke.”(Steven Erikson)


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