Ecstatic Passion

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Poetry




The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

String me up with a guitar garrote,
And set me afire with musical passion.
Shuffle the deck and deal me my tarot,
For life is vain; I won’t claim my fortune.

Let’s toast to life at the graveyard’s gate,
And sing in Braille for the deaf to hear.
For who is there to rule our fate?
So why bother living our lives in fear?

Oh darling, please tie me up with chains of ecstasy.
Burn my soul with love and rid me of this pain.
Grant me this please, my perverted fantasy.
Strip off all your walls, let’s walk naked in the rain.

Come away with me to the land of broken dreams,
Across the galaxies, to the distant obscure realms.
Let’s die together in this life and risk the next.
Self-immolation to our sensual, ecstatic rest.

© David



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