Pale Horse(Hell on the Gallop)

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry



When pain starts, hope comes to its claustrophobic end

The yin and yang of life outstretched at both ends

The knell tolls on, chaperoned by monotonous threnodies

And the soul continues its quest for future vacancies


The end starts right at the beginning

And the beginning right at the very end

And forth the fourth horse continues its victorious gallop

A sermon, a priest: “dust to dust” all codswallop


White graves and black hearses

Remind the undertaker to say his graces

Yet the rich fool his wealth embraces

To him heaven and hell are just cruel banalities.


All ends

The hooded grim ripper triumphs

“Vanity!!”Emaciated sirens cry

Hell winds blow….and water runs dry….




©David Phiri


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