Fading (Like A Wispy Cloud)

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry


All the time I feel suspended

Between one day and the next

Drifting listlessly, aimlessly

Between heavens and solid earth

Not knowing whether I’m falling or flying


Sometimes I feel extra puffy

Ready to rain my rage on all who hurt me

Impregnated by hurtful thoughts on dark days

Angry and hurt, not giving in to any smile rays


Sometimes I feel empty and wispy

High up like the cirrus, all extra streaky

On those sorrowful days I feel nothing, eager to fade

It’s the days when I slit my wrists or cry myself to bed


I know my life is drifting like a solitary  cloud

Amorphous, and stuck in transition, lost and never found

One thing is for sure, and I feel it every day as time flies

One of these days I’ll fade, leaving behind empty  blue skies

No memory of me will linger, I’m just a useless wispy mound

The world will forget me.I never made an impression never could scream out loud






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