Dark Thoughts(Sold My Soul)

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Melancholy, Poetry



Sometimes I think I’ll sell my soul and make a pact

With the darkest devil I’ll meet along the crossroad path

Not for riches, I’ve never craved for those

But for revenge against the heartless and those

Who hurt me deeply when I held them so close.


Sometimes I think of abysmal darkness

To let it consume my heart and burn my soul

‘Til nothing good’s left in me, no righteous likeness

Just an empty dark void, straight to the deep core


Sometimes I think of that lost eager boy

Whose only flaw was unconditional deep love and deep trust

And gave his heart to what he thought was virtuous

And whose pain had led him down this road

Now he gives his heart to the forces of darkness

And now his salvation lies in the hands of God.


Rare are the days I think of righteousness.

Of virtues and dreams of love

few are those days and fewer are the hours.

I only spend my times communing with the darker powers..






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