Bitter Reality

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry


Often times we’re reminded

Of life’s painful realities

Simple words, thoughts and actions

Bring us all down to our elbows and knees


The well dries up and emotional drought sets in

The sun scorches on, all truths alighting

And the rise of doom oh how so impending


Necks on guillotine

Awaiting the blade’s scintillating descent

Hope fades away

Giving way to doubt’s dark ascent

Behind us

Not even a single footprint in the sand

But right ahead

The road reaches its own dead end


But then again the bomb ticks on

No time to ponder on sweet innocence so long gone

But you even dared to peek through the wire gauze

So the sun burns on, and life’s one ugly and thorny rose







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