Remember Me

Posted: August 28, 2016 in Lyrics, Poetry



Image: the forgotten bear by stevoa5-d4ajgsk(deviantart)

Will you hear me blowing in the wind?
Will it give you shivers down your skin?
Will you stop and stare, wonder if I’m there?
Will you think about me now and then?

Remember me, please remember me
May your heart be strong
May your fears be weak
And remember me, please remember me

Will you keep those notes I used to write?
Will you hang them on the fridge at night?
Will you miss my smile every once in a while?
Will you think I was worth your time?

Will you find me somewhere in your dreams?
When you’re swimming up against the stream
When the days get long, and you can’t go on
Sweetheart just remember me
Remember Me by Augustana



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