Lonely amongst “friends”

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Melancholy, Poetry

It gets lonely, he said; really lonely

I understood him, every damn word

Most of them just tolerate me

No love in them, not even hate

Sometimes I need love too. Hell, I can take hate anytime

Just for a change.


Some just keep you around to use you

They keep your number like a tow-truck’s

When their fast lives crash that’s when they call

They slow down enough for your services

Once done, they stare at you as you disappear in their rearview mirrors

They go on and never stop to pay or appreciate


It gets awfully quiet, especially when the walls close in

Who do you call when you are the tow-truck?

When “friends” are just a bunch of names in a phonebook

Who will really cry for you when you’re gone?

They might rail for the loss of your services

But who will miss your company?

The singer wept as he finished his lament

I got out of the club, and quickly forgot his name.


“Got so many friends, only so many times…” Ancient Highways: Van Morrison


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