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Posted: April 28, 2017 in Poetry

I talked of the Absurd, Camus’ style
and they called in the shrink, on speed dial
defeated, I shouted, “you’re all in denial!”
the guys in white took me away for a while.


it’s an empty white room, padded and proofed
that’s how they want my mind to be, whitewashed and “baby proofed”
has the world gone to sensitive, we now speak euphemisms
the neighbours don’t like it when I preach Absurdisms
“he talks too much reality, please put him on the watch list”
now the shrink feeds me trazadone. Damnit, I made it to the list



#Absurdism #Philosophy #AbertCamus


Love stoned

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Introspective prose

she thinks she walks around on tiny feet
but no matter how she tries, her shoes are always big
she smiles and waves, a beautiful soul i’ll ever meet
a meek sheep with a lion heart, stuck in a world of filthy pigs


she holds herself when all others crawl
a day without her is a monotonous bore
and yet she doesn’t know it, she is blind to her glow
i’ll forever be infatuated, around her i’ll hang even more…



i’ve only heard of Céline

but feel his claustrophobic despair

it’s a vast ocean of ceasless pain

and this ship is in dire need of repair


the Journey The End Of The Night,

sometimes begins with succulent kiss;

a promise of forever, some fairytale bliss

but this Paradise is dark, and this vlei is just a blight


existential angst,sinking hopes, the unanswered questions

the ugliness of mankind and the devastating cruel lies

it’ll all get better,” they shout, yet each passing day it only worsens

at the end of the night (a sweet promise) is where all the pain dies…..





©David 2017