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Centaurs and Unicorns;

Mascularity versus Delicacy

Dancing around a whirling carousel,

chased by amorphous beasts of mythical yore-

Phoenixes, manticores, basilisks and chimeras,

flaming prefixes and roaring, devouring suffixes

with death and poisonous stings squeezed in-between.


the gods chose their beastly mounts and creepy  avatars

to inspire fear and rain judgement indiscreminately on mortals

It’s a bloody circus, a show of freaks to entertain the perveted

……..and our joker-like sovereign will alway have his last laugh



L.A. County Fair 2010 - 192







i’ve only heard of Céline

but feel his claustrophobic despair

it’s a vast ocean of ceasless pain

and this ship is in dire need of repair


the Journey The End Of The Night,

sometimes begins with succulent kiss;

a promise of forever, some fairytale bliss

but this Paradise is dark, and this vlei is just a blight


existential angst,sinking hopes, the unanswered questions

the ugliness of mankind and the devastating cruel lies

it’ll all get better,” they shout, yet each passing day it only worsens

at the end of the night (a sweet promise) is where all the pain dies…..





©David 2017

In anger I snapped the neck of a porcelain doll

Smashed the windows and slammed the door

Until I got tired, bled and lay on the floor

Crying, weeping, wishing for sunny days of yore


In desperation I swallowed my pride

Begged for help, but still got shunned

Now I’m slowly sinking, dragged by the tide

Please help me,i beg,  if I’m still a friend


In deep hurt what will I do?

With the darkness in my soul, where will I end up?

Summon a demon, even murder I could do

I hope I won’t get there.please, dear, pick me up

before it’s too late….








Sometimes I think I’ll sell my soul and make a pact

With the darkest devil I’ll meet along the crossroad path

Not for riches, I’ve never craved for those

But for revenge against the heartless and those

Who hurt me deeply when I held them so close.


Sometimes I think of abysmal darkness

To let it consume my heart and burn my soul

‘Til nothing good’s left in me, no righteous likeness

Just an empty dark void, straight to the deep core


Sometimes I think of that lost eager boy

Whose only flaw was unconditional deep love and deep trust

And gave his heart to what he thought was virtuous

And whose pain had led him down this road

Now he gives his heart to the forces of darkness

And now his salvation lies in the hands of God.


Rare are the days I think of righteousness.

Of virtues and dreams of love

few are those days and fewer are the hours.

I only spend my times communing with the darker powers..







When pain starts, hope comes to its claustrophobic end

The yin and yang of life outstretched at both ends

The knell tolls on, chaperoned by monotonous threnodies

And the soul continues its quest for future vacancies


The end starts right at the beginning

And the beginning right at the very end

And forth the fourth horse continues its victorious gallop

A sermon, a priest: “dust to dust” all codswallop


White graves and black hearses

Remind the undertaker to say his graces

Yet the rich fool his wealth embraces

To him heaven and hell are just cruel banalities.


All ends

The hooded grim ripper triumphs

“Vanity!!”Emaciated sirens cry

Hell winds blow….and water runs dry….




©David Phiri

My Vampire Lover

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry


Cold hands, cold heart –literally

A creature of night who loved the light

In her cold embrace I lie eternally

But I’m just one of the demons she fights


“ ’Til death do us part”? What false brevity!!

Together we renounce life but crave eternity

A bountiful gain from losing one’s mortal soul

To the devious devil who lies in wait across Styx’s shore….


To be continued…….





The Last Smile

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Melancholy, Poetry

That cold black cloud is comin’ down. Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door (Bob Dylan)


When darkness calls and death whispers

A cold breath of hell, a brush of whiskers

It’s the tapestry of life, sewn on rotting canvas

The brush is a scythe held by artistic reapears

And when the knell tolls, every smile withers.

At the cold Stygian shores, every soul quivers…



When your death is already inside you, there is nowhere to run, no escape possible.(The Crippled God)


Sweet Suicide

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry


“You know I’m better off dead than singing these suicide blues. “(Suicide Blues–Cross Canadian Ragweedimage

Art by Dolk  Lundgren; a Norwegian Street Artist


I crave for death’s cold kiss
To suck me whole into her blissful abyss
And forever swim free with condemned souls
I can’t stand the pain. This life is a thorny rose

My broken spirit pulls me a little close
To the ultimate euphoria, dangling free on a noose
Ropes and blades, my newly found muse
A quick release, let my rotten blood ooze.
I’m dead inside, lost touch with life and reality
After this much pain, suicide is nothing but a formality.


Courage failed her again and again, but not this time, as she drew sharp blades lengthways up her wrists, at precise angles, and watched as life flowed away. In her mind, this last gesture was but a formality.(Toll The Hounds)

Hellbound Hearse

Posted: May 22, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

Hellbound hearse




Dig up an airy grave and bury me inside a hearse
No need for coffins because I love shifting gears
Blank-tinted windows all the way to hell
Doing the speed limit, there’s a hellhound on my trail

Hell fires blaze while the stereo blasts the blues
But I’ll stifle my screams, ’til i fade into greyish hues
I’ll find my comfort in dark and bloody insanity
I cut my own wrists, now you know my propensity

The moral of the rhyme is I’m losing my marbles
Dreaming of the worst ’cause that’s the way my life goes
Fast life, excruciating pain all around the clock
But sweet relief is promised at the hollow end of a loaded Glock


Dangle With The Devil

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

“Keep a close watch on the path you follow, my friend, else one day you will look about you and not know where you are” ( John Gwyenne)



Random thoughts-
A tight rope around my throat
Death warrant granted,
Life and death in perfect balance

The reaper cheers on
But the angels sing a sad song
The pious saints cry
And in Eden, the river of life runs dry

So I grope and dangle in between fates
Life oozing out while the monk recites dirges from Acts
“Hell hath no fury,” the preacher knows it for a fact
My time is out. One last time, upon my life I reflect

An angel I was born but my wings i cut
Gave in to my vices and joined the Devil’s cart
On the hell-bound fun-wagon, I’m just a marionette
The reaper works the strings and I mimic his act

To untangle myself i tried, but the ventriloquist changed the rules
More sweet temptations and i fell for the ruse
From being a puppet to being a circus clown
Lost in a mirror maze, i forfeited the Holy Crown

But now it’s my time to work upon the strings
So i made myself a loop out of a thousand rings
The knell tolls and the church bells seize to ring
My last stand, what will eternal damnation bring?


“I wear the chain i forged in life, i made it link by link and yard by yard” (Charles Dickens)